Interview Preparation

At Evolve, as the UK's leading recruitment agency for healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical sales professionals, we have learned a thing or two about interviews. From our experience over the years helping candidates secure the top jobs, we are in a unique position to help candidates prepare for their interviews.

The key to any successful interview is to practice! Be ready for any type of question and by practicing you will come over as a confident, professional candidate.

Not every interview is one-to- one and indeed some interviews are not even face-to- face. Preparation and practice for every eventuality is absolutely essential. It is important to practice your interview technique by anticipating what key questions might be asked, then developing a core bank of answers to draw from. Practicing these answers will help you establish a flow to your interview responses and it will also help you to get the timing and content right. It is advisable to practice answering out loud and if possible in front of someone, as this will help you get the feel of being at an actual interview. It is also important to practice different styles and types of question which may be asked. Your Evolve Recruitment Account Manager (RAM) will be able to help you with this.

It is also vital that you thoroughly practice any presentations, as this will help you to remember the structure and content when you are under pressure. You should try to anticipate possible questions, so that you can mentally prepare and practice answers to them. In your preparation, it is also useful to consider using the STAR-L (situation, task, action, result, learning) format to answer any questions. This ensures you have good structure to your answers. By preparing as thoroughly as possible you will ensure a great, professional performance.

Finally; make sure that your interviewer is left in no doubt that you want the job and aim to close your interview in a positive manner.