Re-entering the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry

Evolve, as one of the UK's leading recruitment agencies for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare Sales and Marketing professionals, are able to use our unique position and insight to provide advice in order to help ex-industry professionals re-enter the Pharmaceutical Sales arena.

We have highlighted some key points below:  

  1. Ensure you are fully up to date with current NHS news and insight, especially relevant to the types of vacancies you are applying for.
  2. Make sure you are up to speed with any changes in the Pharma industry which may have happened since you left; especially relevant to roles you are looking to move back into.
  3. Update your CV to reflect your time out of the industry in order to explain your reasons for any gaps. 
  4. Work closely with a respected recruiter to keep up to date on the latest available vacancies and ensure that you practice your interviewing techniques with other industry professionals or your chosen recruiter.
  5. Utilise previous colleagues, friends and customers in order to share best practice to assist you in your job search. 
  6. Be realistic! Don’t think you will necessarily walk back into a role similar to the one you had before. You may need to lower your expectations to regain a position and have a realistic perspective regarding the package on offer. 

If you are thinking of moving back in to the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector, or even gain your first position in the industry, trust the Evolve Team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at