Working with your Recruiter

At Evolve, we believe it is very important to take full advantage of working with your assigned Recruitment Account Manager. Your recruiter will help you to make the most of the recruitment process. He or she will aim to get to know you, so that you can be closely matched to positions which will best match your skills and capabilities.

As a leading recruitment agency for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, Evolve will ensure that your recruiter is knowledgeable about the companies to which you are applying. Your recruiter should have in-depth knowledge of the company, the potential role and the expectations of the client’s recruiting manager. As a candidate you can tap in to your recruiter’s knowledge base to help you ascertain exactly what is required to secure the position.

Your recruiter will help you prepare for your interview by providing a clear understanding of the role thus allowing you to demonstrate your genuine passion to make your appointment a huge success.

Candidates, with the help of the recruiter, should endeavour to read between the lines of the job specification. It is essential to research the company to which you are applying so that you are fully conversant with its selling messages, any corporate restructures, NICE and formulary status, NHS/ industry changes, competitors and any technological changes. Indeed a memorable candidate will be as well informed as possible.

All of our recruiters are highly skilled and experienced in preparing candidates for every level of interview. Your recruiter will work with you to review your C.V. and your Brag file. It is essential that candidates provide evidence of their figures and achievements. Your recruiter will also help you to prepare for your interview questions identifying the different types and styles of questions which may be used. All candidates are advised to practice their presentations, paying particular attention to the structure, content and timing.

Don’t trust your future job prospects to amateurs - choose Evolve, the UK’s leading recruitment agency for positions within the Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.