Working your Plan

Here at Evolve, as part of our remit as a recruitment agency for healthcare, med tech and pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals, we receive feedback from our successful candidates which enables us to offer up to date advice to new candidates.

At interview, most interviewers want to establish how well you plan and structure your approach to work to achieve your targets and goals. During the interview process, you will be asked questions to identify your particular strengths and skills to establish if you are the best candidate for the role on offer. Indeed, as part of the recruitment process candidates will often be asked how they expect to proceed over the first few months in post. It is advisable that every

candidate should prepare a presentation or plan which addresses this question.

At Evolve, we always advise our candidates to refer to these plans when they take up a position within a company, as this will help them to 'get up to speed'; quickly.

When you start to move forward in your role and develop a business plan, it is often a good idea to refer back to your 'interview' plan. Check what you said and establish if things have changed and if so how they may have changed, then how your plan will address any new issues.

By referring to your original plan, you will have a well thought out starting point from which to proceed. You can set realistic objectives and create a feasible job description. This will allow you to continually review your progress and help in your planning process.