1. Test your equipment

Establishing the quality of your equipment prior to your interview can make the process much easier and make you feel more prepared. Firstly, ensure you have a strong internet connection and setup a test-run with someone you know, in order to adjust the quality of your camera, audio and microphone accordingly. It is essential that there are no technical disturbances so that you and the interviewer are able to communicate effectively.


  1. Environment

It is easy to be distracted when on camera. You should make certain that you have professional surroundings, ideally by placing yourself in a room alone in front of a plain wall and sat upright at a desk / table rather than on your bed or sofa. This will create a better angle and enable you to maintain eye contact directly with the camera, so that you are looking directly at the interviewer.


  1. Appearance

Much like any face to face interview, your appearance in a video interview is still very much a significant contributor to creating a great first impression. Dressing appropriately in a smart manner will certainly tick the right boxes in the eyes of the interviewer. Although in a video interview you are only likely to have to be visible from the waist up, it is still important to make an effort. If you want to act the part, you must dress the part too!


  1. It isn’t a face to face interview, but…

Remember that although this is not a face to face interview, you should print out a copy of your CV so you can refer to it if required. However, you must not let this affect your eye contact. Don’t look away from the camera too often or for too long.


  1. Facial and body cues

Don’t forget that in any form of interview, it is vital to maintain positive facial and body cues. Be confident, maintain a smile, make consistent eye contact and speak clearly and precisely. If you prepare efficiently and stick to the key points above, this should come easily.


If you require any assistance with preparation or setting up your video interview, we can help! We can provide guidance every step of the way throughout your interview process and support you with any difficulties you may come across working from home. Feel free to contact us for further information.


Good luck!