Turning the microscope on your employer branding strategies can be difficult, especially when you know your core messaging works at attracting staff to your organisation - if it ain't broke don’t fix it, right?

But when the recruitment market is as aggressive and hard to navigate as it is, doing a brief yet effective employer branding review could be the difference between a strategy that falters and a strategy that attracts who you want, when you want.

To be able to react to staffing issues at speed, on an agile basis - is where effective employer branding strategy really makes itself felt.

Employer Branding 101.

Employer branding provides the cultural signposts that indicate why you do what you do, and what you expect of your people.

The most important aspect of employer branding is that it's always active.

Unlike your career opportunities being posted on to jobs boards, or social media job promotions reaching into your SM ecosystem, your employer brand is a perennial feature of your company's presence: it’s your employee’s front door, and for prospective staff, your employer brand elements will be one of, if not the first thing they connect with.

Your EB is an incredibly visible facet of your public standing and professional reputation, so don’t you want to make sure that asset is perfectly balanced, and that it tells the right story?

Brand Improvement through agility.

Any business leader who says their employer branding strategy is perfect and requires no tweaking is living in a fairy tale.

Employer branding needs to be flexible to meet the demands of fast-changing industries and the rise of macro-trends across recruitment, such as the ongoing effects of the great resignation, and the shift to digital transformation to shore up business in a post-COVID world.

But above all else you want your employer brand to inspire your candidate base, and to take them on a journey whereby they see themselves reflected in your culture, your business outreach, your reputation and your future.

But candidates change. Different demographics want different things. As the rise of near and offshoring in the technical field rises, it’s become apparent that different countries and cultures demand different forms of staff management and expectation setting than others.

In short, you cannot assume your employer branding strategy is a fixed asset and that it’ll work all the time.

Our Quick guide to conducting an employer brand review.

Faced with tough hiring headwinds, the Evolve team have put together what we feel is an agile 5-step employer brand checklist any employer can utilise to do a quick employer brand review. We’ll be sharing this over the next few days, so stay tuned...