It isn’t always easy to gain your first position in Medical Sales! However, there are numerous things which you can do as a new graduate to help your application stand out from the crowd! It always begins with research! 

The industry can be challenging to understand, especially from the perspective of a new graduate, therefore, research prior to applying for any vacancies is key. We would recommend gaining a sound understanding of the following areas which we have summarised, but would also advocate further, more in-depth research.

ABPI Code of Practice

ABPI stands for The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.
The ABPI Medical Representatives Exam needs to be taken by Reps which promote medicines to Doctors and other prescribers with in the UK. Upon commencement of employment in the industry, the exam must be sat within 1 year and passed within 2 years.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is responsible for providing guidance and advice on a national basis in relation to health and social care, to improve patient outcomes. 
NICE carries out research to provide evidence-based advice and guidance to practitioners.

Primary Care

Primary Care is healthcare which is provided in the community. It is there to provide care for the entire population within a community, who are making an initial approach to receiving healthcare. Usually, it is provided by GPs, but also covers Dentists, Pharmacies and Opticians. 

Secondary Care

Secondary Care is medical care which is provided by a specialist, after being referred form Primary Care. Usually, Secondary Care is provided within a hospital, but can also be a specialist clinic or centre. Secondary care accommodates both elective and emergency care.


Clinical Commissioning Groups are clinically led statutory NHS bodies, who are accountable for the planning and commissioning of healthcare services for their local area. CCGs have many members, including GPs, Nurses, Consultants, Pharmacists and lay members. They have responsibility for about 2/3 of the NHS budget. The majority of Secondary Care services and some GP services are commissioned at CCG level.
Currently, there are 195 CCGs in England. 


Formularies are a drug prescribing list. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for hospital formularies, made up of Physicians and Pharmacists, and sometimes Nurses. For a product to gain formulary status, there are many factors which must be considered. This includes: safety, effectiveness and cost.

NHS England

The National Health Service (NHS) is run by NHS England, an independent body. 
NHS England is the main commissioner for Primary Care services, including GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists.
In October 2014, NHS England published the 5 Year Forward View, which sets out priorities and visions for the NHS moving forwards to ensure that it is financially sustainable and able to meet the needs of patients.

NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland is the healthcare system in Scotland, which is publicly funded.
Scotland has 14 Health Boards, which have the responsibility for planning and commissioning Healthcare across Scotland.

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