Chris Potter

Chris Potter

At Evolve we see a lot of CVs. It is a vital part of the pharmaceutical recruitment and contract sales process, and it is fair to say that we see a variety of different CV’s; good, bad and ugly. In a highly competitive pharma recruitment market our clients want the best CV possible. It is in our interest to provide as much information as possible in order to create the best CV.

The first thing that can make or break a CV is spelling mistakes. In 2013, a survey from CareerBuilder suggested that around 58% of CV’s have spelling mistakes! In the pharmaceutical recruitment and contract sales market, there can be no room for error. Small mistakes such as spelling errors can seriously damage your chances of getting that dream job you’ve been praying for. Before sending it off to us why not give it a quick spellcheck? Be 100% confident with your application.

Another factor that can harm a successful CV is the length. Many of our pharma and medical device clients don’t want to see a CV the length of an essay. Keep it short and concise, clearly showing the relevant information always including key achievements and reasons for leaving each company. This way, when the time comes to take that all important interview the Manager can easily see the highlights of your career.

Last but not least, perhaps the worst problem with modern CV’s within the pharmaceutical recruitment and contract sales market is lies. Do not fill your CV with lies, because it can only lead to one result - failure. Whether that be with Evolve, or at interview with the company of your dreams nobody ultimately wants to fail.

Want more hints and tips regarding writing your CV or interviews? Contact Evolve for bespoke recruitment, contract sales and e-Detailing solutions. Also, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for regular updates regarding new vacancies within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device market.

An excellent CV will help to get you noticed in the ever more competitive jobs market, so you need to ensure that your CV accurately reflects your experience and abilities.


At Evolve, we can provide advice as to what you should put in your CV and what employers are looking for in particular. Most employers prefer a CV to be well structured, clear and concise. If your CV is well presented and easy to read, it is more likely that the recruiting manager will want to read it. It is important that your CV is an accurate history of your career, and it should show measurable successes and achievements in previous positions. These achievements can then be expanded on when you reach the interview stage of the recruitment process.


Step 1 - Prepare

To keep your CV clear and easy to read you should keep it well structured. Write out a basic outline and start from there;

• Personal Data

• Personal Profile

• Key Achievements

• Work Experience

• Education & Qualifications

• Interests & Activities

• References

If you are a recent graduate, please read our graduate guide here as the layout will differ to highlight your degree.


Step 2 - Write

Personal Data

When submitting your CV for a job application or to a recruitment company, it is always important to include your personal details. These include;

• Your full name

• Current address

• Home and mobile number

• Email address; make sure this is a professional email


Personal Profile

The profile is your CV introduction; a simple statement that highlights your career aspirations, ambitions and your current skillset. This should be a short summary of your career experience within the Pharmaceutical/ Healthcare Industry including; Number of years in the industry; Current role title if relevant, Territories covered if you are field based; Key customer groups; Therapeutic areas worked in, focusing on most relevant for the roles you are applying for; personal competencies and finally the type of role you are looking for.


Key Achievements

Bullet point major key achievements. These must be measurable and specific key achievements only really necessary within the last 5 years. It’s always important to not only talk about your achievement but to also write down how you did what you did and what skills were implemented. To give potential employee’s a better idea of your successes include;

• Rankings within current team

• Formulary success in which hospitals and for which products?

• Call rates

• Key relationships gained

• Awards/ Prizes/ Nominations


Work Experience

When highlighting your Work Experience start with your current/most recent position highlighting your responsibilities and achievements. It is important to include the start and end date with every company including the reason for leaving. For roles within industry also include; Therapy area, Key Customers & Products.

If you wish to keep your ‘Key Achievements’ with each of your roles, do this underneath the role responsibilities and remove your ‘Key Achievement’ section.

Should you have had any career breaks, make sure to include this in your CV. Make sure you include the start month and year to the end date and keep it in order with the rest of your previous roles. It’s important to be upfront and honest as to why you have had a career break, but also useful to refer to should you have picked up any life skills during this time.


Education & Qualifications

Your education and achievements should be listed in reverse chronological order - this is the easiest way to read. If applicable start with your professional qualifications, then move onto your further education ending with your higher education achievements. You should include; Years attended, Level of qualification, subject area and grade.


Interests & Activities

Make your CV personable. The aim is to offer a well-rounded view; the work side and the human side. At the end of the day, you will be spending considerable time with your employer and their new teams and you must easily adapt to their culture. Include any memberships/associations you are involved with followed by a concise range of interests. You should mention here whether you are keen to relocate if the role location does not match your address.



References aren’t a requirement on your CV. It is best to write a simple sentence ‘References available upon request’.


Step 3 - Review

Always check your CV thoroughly. Here is a checklist of things to keep an eye out for;

• Spelling and grammatical errors – use spell check but make sure it checks for English spellings not American spelling.

• Is everything uniform? Are you using the same font throughout in the same size?

• Layout; Keeping the same layout for all of your previous roles, will make your CV look crisp and professional.

• Capitalise key customers such as Consultants, Doctors and Nurses’

• Capitalise therapy areas I.e. Cardiovascular or Urology


Finally, the last thing to check, is your CV an accurate representation of who you are and your capabilities?


If you require any assistance with writing your CV, get in touch so we can help! If you are thinking of moving into your first position within the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector or looking to take the next step in your career, we are more than happy to help every step of the way to secure your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at

In today’s competitive workplace it is never easy finding your ideal job. However, registering with a proactive, professional recruitment agency can maximise your chances of finding that perfect position.

Here at Evolve we are experts in recruitment for the Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries.

When looking for a position it is important to choose an agency which is familiar with the market you are seeking to enter. We specialise in Medical Recruitment so you can be confident that we have in-depth knowledge of the companies and technologies where you wish to apply.

At Evolve, we take time to get to know the companies and our potential recruits in order to match the best talents to the right positions where they will flourish. When dealing with specialist recruitment such as Healthcare or Pharmaceutical, it is essential that your chosen agency should know each business, its culture and values.

A good recruitment agency understands the briefs and role specifications and can also provide support to candidates going through rigorous selection procedures.

At Evolve, our highly-trained recruitment staff take the time to get to know our candidates and their aspirations. They also have extensive knowledge of the companies for whom we provide staff recruitment. Indeed, our aim is to find the best fit for each prospective candidate. Our recruitment staff use their experience and knowledge of the latest recruitment methods to help prepare candidates - providing advice and support every step of the way.

If you are looking for your dream job within the pharmaceutical, healthcare or medical industries you need look no further than Evolve - the UK’s leading recruitment agency for healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

At Evolve, we believe it is very important to take full advantage of working with your assigned Recruitment Account Manager. Your recruiter will help you to make the most of the recruitment process. He or she will aim to get to know you, so that you can be closely matched to positions which will best match your skills and capabilities.

As a leading recruitment agency for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, Evolve will ensure that your recruiter is knowledgeable about the companies to which you are applying. Your recruiter should have in-depth knowledge of the company, the potential role and the expectations of the client’s recruiting manager. As a candidate you can tap in to your recruiter’s knowledge base to help you ascertain exactly what is required to secure the position.

Your recruiter will help you prepare for your interview by providing a clear understanding of the role thus allowing you to demonstrate your genuine passion to make your appointment a huge success.

Candidates, with the help of the recruiter, should endeavour to read between the lines of the job specification. It is essential to research the company to which you are applying so that you are fully conversant with its selling messages, any corporate restructures, NICE and formulary status, NHS/ industry changes, competitors and any technological changes. Indeed a memorable candidate will be as well informed as possible.

All of our recruiters are highly skilled and experienced in preparing candidates for every level of interview. Your recruiter will work with you to review your C.V. and your Brag file. It is essential that candidates provide evidence of their figures and achievements. Your recruiter will also help you to prepare for your interview questions identifying the different types and styles of questions which may be used. All candidates are advised to practice their presentations, paying particular attention to the structure, content and timing.

Don’t trust your future job prospects to amateurs - choose Evolve, the UK’s leading recruitment agency for positions within the Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

20 September 2021

Interview Preparation

At Evolve, as the UK's leading recruitment agency for healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical sales professionals, we have learned a thing or two about interviews. From our experience over the years helping candidates secure the top jobs, we are in a unique position to help candidates prepare for their interviews.

The key to any successful interview is to practice! Be ready for any type of question and by practicing you will come over as a confident, professional candidate.

Not every interview is one-to- one and indeed some interviews are not even face-to- face. Preparation and practice for every eventuality is absolutely essential. It is important to practice your interview technique by anticipating what key questions might be asked, then developing a core bank of answers to draw from. Practicing these answers will help you establish a flow to your interview responses and it will also help you to get the timing and content right. It is advisable to practice answering out loud and if possible in front of someone, as this will help you get the feel of being at an actual interview. It is also important to practice different styles and types of question which may be asked. Your Evolve Recruitment Account Manager (RAM) will be able to help you with this.

It is also vital that you thoroughly practice any presentations, as this will help you to remember the structure and content when you are under pressure. You should try to anticipate possible questions, so that you can mentally prepare and practice answers to them. In your preparation, it is also useful to consider using the STAR-L (situation, task, action, result, learning) format to answer any questions. This ensures you have good structure to your answers. By preparing as thoroughly as possible you will ensure a great, professional performance.

Finally; make sure that your interviewer is left in no doubt that you want the job and aim to close your interview in a positive manner.

20 September 2021

Working your Plan

Here at Evolve, as part of our remit as a recruitment agency for healthcare, med tech and pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals, we receive feedback from our successful candidates which enables us to offer up to date advice to new candidates.

At interview, most interviewers want to establish how well you plan and structure your approach to work to achieve your targets and goals. During the interview process, you will be asked questions to identify your particular strengths and skills to establish if you are the best candidate for the role on offer. Indeed, as part of the recruitment process candidates will often be asked how they expect to proceed over the first few months in post. It is advisable that every

candidate should prepare a presentation or plan which addresses this question.

At Evolve, we always advise our candidates to refer to these plans when they take up a position within a company, as this will help them to 'get up to speed'; quickly.

When you start to move forward in your role and develop a business plan, it is often a good idea to refer back to your 'interview' plan. Check what you said and establish if things have changed and if so how they may have changed, then how your plan will address any new issues.

By referring to your original plan, you will have a well thought out starting point from which to proceed. You can set realistic objectives and create a feasible job description. This will allow you to continually review your progress and help in your planning process.

It is the time of year where many are currently graduating from university, and wondering in which direction they may take their career. Many will envisage embarking on a path in pharmaceutical or medical device sales. As a leading independent recruitment agency and CSO, Evolve have put together a comprehensive summary of how best to break into the medical sales industry.

So; you’ve got your degree, you’ve done some research about getting in to the industry and you’ve realised that it’s not going to be a walk in the park! However, there are some essential steps which you can take to ensure success and to aid you in securing your move into medical sales.

If you follow the below guide, it ensures that you are set apart from peers in a very competitive market, and will put you on the path to a hugely rewarding career!


Research is key, when it comes to breaking in to the industry!

First of all, it shows your interest in the industry, it proves that you have spent time on finding out more about the key elements involved in your chosen career. Secondly, it means that you will be prepared at the time of applying for positions and attending interviews; recruitment agencies will want you to be able to demonstrate your knowledge into the medical sales arena, as will hiring managers! Not only must you research the duties of sales reps, you must also research the NHS in terms of Primary Care, Secondary Care and CCGs. 

Other areas which are of importance when it comes to research are the ABPI (Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry) and NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). 


This is another key element which will help you secure your dream role!

Shadowing is crucial, as not only does it support your case in proving your interest and determination to a hiring manager, but also to yourself! It is the only way to truly appreciate the day to day expectations, duties and realities for medical sales reps! It isn’t always the easiest thing to arrange, but there are ways! 

  • Firstly, tap into your own network; do you know of anyone who currently works in the industry? Ask friends, relatives and acquaintances. 
  • Another option is to contact pharmaceutical or healthcare companies. You can usually find contact numbers for HR on the internet. 
  • Alternatively, you could call into your GP surgery, usually reps will drop business cards off, or you might be lucky enough to bump into one on your visit!

Another point to note with shadowing, is to include it on your CV. Summarise your findings and link your skill set to this.


Coupled with everything mentioned above, it is essential that you have the relevant skills to succeed in a career in medical sales. Some of these will be skills which you have already embraced, others may be taught on the job. It’s a great idea to start thinking about these, and to think of past scenarios where you have had to adopt these skills to achieve a positive outcome. Competency based questions usually always come up at interviews! 

Essential skills include: Great communicator, the ability to build professional relationships with people, effective organisation and prioritisation, team and individual working ability, a drive for achievement and being results orientated is also essential. 
If you have previous sales experience from another industry, also demonstrate that you have the skills which can be transferred across to the medical arena.

Work with the right agency

Working with the right agency is essential to ensuring your success in gaining a position in medical sales. 

In the majority of cases, working with a recruitment agency will up these odds for you hugely. This is due to many reasons…

  • Having inside knowledge and insight into what a particular company or hiring manager is looking for,
  • Offering a variety of roles and guiding you in the direction of the most suitable ones, often positions which are only released to preferred suppliers,
  • Relationships already established with hiring managers, allowing us to effectively sell you in as a candidate for consideration, 
  • Provide you will assistance and guidance throughout the whole process, including comprehensive preparation for interviews. 

If you are thinking of moving into your first position within the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector, trust the Evolve team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at

It has become very easy to submit applications to many different roles throughout your job search. Just as it’s easy for you, it’s also easy for other job seekers! So; the question is, how do you make your application stand out and take your career further in the most efficient way?


Evolve have summarised 5 tips to springboard your career and optimise your job search.


5. Understand your talents and competencies

By taking the time to identify your strengths and skills, you can tailor your job applications to match essential requirements for specific vacancies. This will enable you to justify these confidently when it comes to interviews.


4. Seek expert advice and guidance

Whether you're just starting in your career journey or looking how to make that next step forward; ensure you seek expert advice and guidance from experienced recruitment professionals within your specific market sector.


3. Ensure you apply for the right roles

Applying for vacancies on a blanket basis will possibly just waste your time. Identify the roles which suit your skillset and competencies, and then focus on more tailored applications around these.


2. Boost applications through your job search

Working with an expert, niche market recruiter will add significant value to your job application, as they will provide the specific insight and knowledge you will need to ensure success throughout the recruitment process. They will also ensure you are approached about the right vacancies to suit your skills, experience and financial needs.


1. Always be honest, open and consistent

Whether working with a recruiter or directly applying to companies, you must always be up-front and honest. This will ensure a clear line of communication from both sides and helps to simplify difficult recruitment processes.


If you are thinking of moving into your first position within the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector or looking to take the next step in your career, we are more than happy to help every step of the way to secure your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at


Evolve, as one of the UK's leading recruitment agencies for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare Sales and Marketing professionals, are able to use our unique position and insight to provide advice in order to help ex-industry professionals re-enter the Pharmaceutical Sales arena.

We have highlighted some key points below:  

  1. Ensure you are fully up to date with current NHS news and insight, especially relevant to the types of vacancies you are applying for.
  2. Make sure you are up to speed with any changes in the Pharma industry which may have happened since you left; especially relevant to roles you are looking to move back into.
  3. Update your CV to reflect your time out of the industry in order to explain your reasons for any gaps. 
  4. Work closely with a respected recruiter to keep up to date on the latest available vacancies and ensure that you practice your interviewing techniques with other industry professionals or your chosen recruiter.
  5. Utilise previous colleagues, friends and customers in order to share best practice to assist you in your job search. 
  6. Be realistic! Don’t think you will necessarily walk back into a role similar to the one you had before. You may need to lower your expectations to regain a position and have a realistic perspective regarding the package on offer. 

If you are thinking of moving back in to the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector, or even gain your first position in the industry, trust the Evolve Team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at

It isn’t always easy to gain your first position in Medical Sales! However, there are numerous things which you can do as a new graduate to help your application stand out from the crowd! It always begins with research! 

The industry can be challenging to understand, especially from the perspective of a new graduate, therefore, research prior to applying for any vacancies is key. We would recommend gaining a sound understanding of the following areas which we have summarised, but would also advocate further, more in-depth research.

ABPI Code of Practice

ABPI stands for The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.
The ABPI Medical Representatives Exam needs to be taken by Reps which promote medicines to Doctors and other prescribers with in the UK. Upon commencement of employment in the industry, the exam must be sat within 1 year and passed within 2 years.


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is responsible for providing guidance and advice on a national basis in relation to health and social care, to improve patient outcomes. 
NICE carries out research to provide evidence-based advice and guidance to practitioners.

Primary Care

Primary Care is healthcare which is provided in the community. It is there to provide care for the entire population within a community, who are making an initial approach to receiving healthcare. Usually, it is provided by GPs, but also covers Dentists, Pharmacies and Opticians. 

Secondary Care

Secondary Care is medical care which is provided by a specialist, after being referred form Primary Care. Usually, Secondary Care is provided within a hospital, but can also be a specialist clinic or centre. Secondary care accommodates both elective and emergency care.


Clinical Commissioning Groups are clinically led statutory NHS bodies, who are accountable for the planning and commissioning of healthcare services for their local area. CCGs have many members, including GPs, Nurses, Consultants, Pharmacists and lay members. They have responsibility for about 2/3 of the NHS budget. The majority of Secondary Care services and some GP services are commissioned at CCG level.
Currently, there are 195 CCGs in England. 


Formularies are a drug prescribing list. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for hospital formularies, made up of Physicians and Pharmacists, and sometimes Nurses. For a product to gain formulary status, there are many factors which must be considered. This includes: safety, effectiveness and cost.

NHS England

The National Health Service (NHS) is run by NHS England, an independent body. 
NHS England is the main commissioner for Primary Care services, including GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists.
In October 2014, NHS England published the 5 Year Forward View, which sets out priorities and visions for the NHS moving forwards to ensure that it is financially sustainable and able to meet the needs of patients.

NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland is the healthcare system in Scotland, which is publicly funded.
Scotland has 14 Health Boards, which have the responsibility for planning and commissioning Healthcare across Scotland.

If you are thinking of moving into your first position within the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector, trust the Evolve team to help you every step of the way towards getting your dream job. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get the very best position for your abilities. Call Evolve in confidence now on 0113 457 0777 or email us at

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